Database content

The database contains anterior and posterior segment eye images, videos and data from 10 healthy participants: slit lamp visualisations and measurements (anterior segment, gonioscopy, applanation tonometry, fundus), optical coherence tomography, fundus camera fundoscopy (including stereo pairs), optical biometry, objective refractive error, corneal topography, and visual field. For each participant, sex, age, and Fitzpatrick skin phototype are also recorded.

The file names are composed of  a 6-digit numeric participant ID, anatomical side (D, right, or S, left), a unique letter triplet code which identifies each device and acquisition modality (with each triplet for each device beginning with the same letter to enable widlcard searching), image quality (data captured as per the instrument intended performance (C) or with artifacts (A)). Multiple images within the same category descriptor are identified by a final zero-biased 3-digit code. E.g, the label 168522STUJC000 means: participant ID 168522, left eye (S), OCT 3D angiography (TUJ), data acquired as per the instrument intended performance (C), first image of this data type (000).

The complete list of codes used for the labelling is:

Description Label code
Oculus Dexter D
Oculus Sinister S
Clinical Standard C
With Artifacts A
Fundus Camera FJQ
Humphrey Visual Field HXE
SL Anterior Segment (NM) MJU
SL Anterior Segment (Blue Illumination) MJY
SL Posterior Segment (NM) MKK
SL Gonioscopy MKU
SL Anterior Segment (M) MXU
SL Posterior Segment (M) MYK
Fitzpatrick Skin Type Table PXY
Handheld Autorefractor Table RZK
OCT 3D Macula TKE
OCT 3D Macula en-face TQJ
OCT 3D Angiography TUJ
OCT Stereo Fundus Image Left TZV
OCT Stereo Fundus Image Right TXY
OCT Fundus Image TYE
OCT Report TEX
Optical Biometry WXU
Participant Information Table NEJ
CT Galilei Native Files GEQ
CT Anterior Elevation BFA GEX
CT Anterior Elevation BFS GEY
CT Anterior Elevation BFTA GEZ
CT Axial Curve Anterior GJJ
CT Axial Curve Posterior GJU
CT Height Anterior GJV
CT Height Posterior GJX
CT Indices GKE
CT Inst Curve Anterior GKU
CT Inst Curve Posterior GXY
CT Pachy GQE
CT Posterior Elevation BFA GQJ
CT Posterior Elevation BFS GQU
CT Posterior Elevation BFTA GQZ
CT Refractive Power GUJ
CT Total Power GVK
CT Asymmetric Report GVV
CT Densitometry Report GXK
CT Eye Metrics Report GXJ
CT IOL Power Report GXQ
CT Mapx4 Report GXU
CT Mapx1 Report GXZ
CT Mapx4_3 GYE
CT Refractive Report GYJ
CT Wavefront Report GZK

In the table, SL=Slit Lamp, CT=Corneal Topography, M=Mydriatic, NM=Non-Mydriatic.